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Welcome to the attention economy

The smartest companies are looking to their leaders to drive growth through their personal brands.

Building a loyal audience attracts talent, capital and clients. Best of all, those benefits compound over time.

You want that, but you don’t have the time to build it.

That’s where we come in…

Here's our process for turning you into the go-to expert in your industry...

Step 1


Where we set the foundations for success. We work together to build your content and audience strategies that precisely hit your specific goals.

This initial phase is vital for success—helping us master your tone and voice, while building a roadmap for everything that follows.

Step 2

Full Account Optimization

Full growth strategy, 9-point profile optimization, audience research & more.

Step 3

Content Creation

Your personal creative team gets to work creating your first month’s content which is then submitted for your approval.

All thought leadership and insights “extracted” from your personal experiences.

Step 4


Using our community-driven engagement network, we optimize for reach within your target audience.

Step 5

Consistent Content and Optimization

We want consistent growth for your brand, so we test and iterate our growth strategies monthly to ensure you’re getting the best possible results. That includes analyzing KPIs, conversion rates and other important metrics.

Case Studies

We create the perfect blend of authority building and growth, leading to amazing results like this...

The goal:

Authority & Audience Growth

The results:

400 to 5,700 followers in several months
Multiple viral threads on highly niched business topics
Multiple business deals and leads
Established authority and thought leadership

The goal:

Brand Awareness & Audience Growth

The results:

6,000 followers within 4 months of starting
Established authority and thought leadership

The goal:

High-Value Network & Audience Growth

The results:

18,000 followers in 6 months
Multiple business deals
Networked with well known founders

Do you want these kinds of results for yourself? Here's why you should work with us...

We're Focused on ROI

We know that ROI is what you really care about. We create a strategy individually tailored to you. We help you become the go-to expert in your industry and provide you with an asset that has immense short and long-term value. Attract talent, capital, and clients for years to come.

First-Class Creative Talent

We only work with the best. We handpick a team of top creators. You'll also get industry leading training & development as well as constant optimization to stay ahead of trends.

Tried & Tested Distribution

We get results using community-driven organic engagement. Our content is optimized for reach & authority. We use strategic engagement to boost your growth.

About Us

We're the founders, Charlie and Darrell. We both have a proven track record of building industry leading brands. We've built large businesses ourselves, so we understand the nuances that will resonate with your desired audience, peers, and investors.

Charlie Bennett

Charlie is widely recognized as one of X's leading personal branding experts having ghostwritten for highly successful business leaders including Nasdaq-listed CEOs and multi-exit Founders.

With a foundation in consulting for VC-backed and publicly traded businesses at a Fortune 500 firm, he has leveraged his extensive business acumen and passion for writing to establish one of the fastest-growing content marketing businesses on X.

 His unique blend of deep industry knowledge and creative communication skills has made him a sought-after expert in building compelling personal brands and engaging digital content.

Darrell Lerner

Darrell is a serial entrepreneur with two successful exits, renowned for scaling the publicly traded online dating company SNAP Interactive to 120M users and $100M in revenue. SNAP ranked as the 36th fastest-growing technology company in North America on Deloitte's 2012 Technology Fast 500, achieving 4,400% revenue growth over 5 years.

Darrell then launched AllPaws, an innovative, online dating-style pet adoption platform, which rapidly attracted millions of users before its acquisition by industry leader PetSmart. Featured in major media outlets including Bloomberg, Forbes, TechCrunch, The New York Times, ABC News, and Business Insider, Darrell has demonstrated proven expertise in building innovative products used by millions and in growing social media accounts to over 100k followers.

Ready to Get Started?

The next step is to book a call where we'll have a short chat about your goals. Hit the button below, and let's start turning you into the go-to authority in your industry.

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